Our Programmes

New Horizons South Coast has developed a new apprenticeship scheme, which is now offering more courses than any other IT training company, with the help of local colleges, local SME IT employers and City & Guilds, the global leader in skills development. With a focus on IT and an added bonus of gaining industry leading vendor training and certifications, the apprenticeship programme is a first choice for many individuals and businesses looking to develop, encourage and hone better IT skills.

What's different about New Horizons IT Apprenticeships?

Proud to be part of the largest independent IT training provider, New Horizons Computer Learning Centre has designed and developed a range of advanced learning methods that can be adjusted to suit each individual learner. Not only does this help make our apprenticeships flexible, it also makes them accessible to everyone.

As a training provider that understands the importance of different teaching styles and training solutions, we believe the learning methods used in conjunction with apprenticeships help to engage students and keep them motivated. Individuals can choose the training course that suits them most, as we don’t attempt to create a one-size-fits all course and instead deliver lessons and experiences that will truly benefit the learner.

With both the employer and apprentice in mind, we offer the following in our programmes: