For Employers

Employers looking to recruit new talent often turn to New Horizons South Coast as we offer the leading global IT training certification programme that is industry neutral. Because of this, we are often called upon to design and administer apprenticeship for employers.

Our diploma was created by blending features within the leading IT vendor qualifications which provide the necessary working knowledge in several disciplines including:

  • IT technical knowledge
  • IT operating systems
  • IT Support
  • Networks and Servers

Because of our innovative approach and recognised authority in the field, we are the most called upon training organisation to administer the government funded Apprenticeship for Employers programme.

Available programmes include: 

  • Microsoft MCSA Level 3
  • Cisco CCNA Level 3
  • Cyber Security Level 3
  • Software Development Level 3
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Level 3

Also, our programme is inclusive of the broad knowledge base necessary for work within the IT industry with the vendor neutral CompTIA A+ certification.

Why choose New Horizons?

Not only do we provide training that is government funded but all of our qualifications are vendor recognised and geared towards improving your bottom line. There are no recruitment fees and we can literally help you grow your own talent from the inside, based on your specific needs within the industry.

  • World’s largest IT training provider
  • Government funded training
  • No recruitment fees
  • Grow your own talent
  • £1,500 employer grant
  • Vendor recognised qualifications
  • Motivates others to increase performance
  • Improve your bottom line 

Employer Support

One of the best features our Apprenticeship for Employers programme provides is our total support for employers. From being assigned a dedicated account manager to recruitment and subsequent training, we are there on the job building an IT staff you require.

  • You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will stay with you throughout the entire apprenticeship programme.
  • Your role is advertised through our recruitment streams
  • We will conduct CV sifting, Telephone interviews and one to one interviews to find the best candidates for you
  • We then provide a match and fill process ensuring the right candidates are sent to you
  • You personally interview the candidates and make a job offer to any that are successful
  • An assessor will then be assigned to you and your apprentice(s) who will visit you every 4-6 weeks
  • The apprentice(s) will attend training at our state of the art centres throughout the year
  • Finally the apprentice(s) will complete programme and you may decide to keep them on or recruit again

Recruitment Process

The first thing you need to do is to send us an email to or give us a call on 02392 882 880 to discuss your interest in our Apprenticeship for Employers programme. Tell us your requirements and we can discuss the details.