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New Horizons has worldwide experience training users in the skills needed to succeed in the IT industry. This makes them the perfect organisation to deliver a government funded IT apprenticeship programme. The programme is built around industry recognised vendor qualifications giving the apprentices valuable and lasting IT knowledge and skills.


L3 Technical Apprenticeship



Highbury College in partnership with New Horizons has developed this unique vendor-led Level 3 Apprenticeship programme to meet the needs of leading employers in the United Kingdom. Accredited by City & Guilds, students will gain a full Level 3 Apprenticeship award as well as vendor certifications from Certified Internet Web Professional and Microsoft.

Our web development programme turns creative problem-solvers into skilled web developers, application developers and creative gurus. Designed to give school and college leavers a strong technical grounding combined with professional mentoring and assessment in the workplace, this is the best start to an IT career.


Diploma in ICT Systems and Principals for IT Professionals

In collaboration with City & Guilds we have designed this vendor led apprenticeship to not only meet the needs of employers but to be stimulating and rewarding for students. Typically students will be required to spend six to eight weeks in training studying for this diploma.

We provide full training and assessing in the following units:

Customer Support
Networking Principals

Principals of ICT
Systems and Security 
Web Development
• Handle customerqueries & complaints
• Investigating customer needs
• Data analysis of customer satisfaction
• Create and conduct a coaching session
based on customer needs

• Network topologies & hardware
& software components
• Open System Interconnection (OSI)
• Internet Protocol Suite
• Protocols & standards of ach TCP/IP layer
• Common types of physical threats to ICT
systems & data
• Security vulnerabilities with remote access
• Operation of common types of malicious
• Cryptographic algorithms
• Hardware and software enabled components
• TCP/IP protocol IPv6
• ISP, web hosting services & domain name registrars
• Web functionality Web 2.0, Blogs, Online applications, Cloud computing

Imaging Software
The Technologies of the Internet
Designing & Creating Advanced Websites
Website Software
• Obtain, insert & combine information for images
• Use imaging software tools to create, manipulate and edit images
 Concepts behind the internet, its history & purpose
• Know the technologies that allow communication across the internet
• Command prompt, Web tools

• Fundamentals of advanced web page development
• Undertake formal user requirements analyses
• Development tools to implement and test interactive web pages
• Use graphics applications
• Create structures & styles & use them to produce websites
• Use tools and features to develop multiple page websites with multimedia and interactive features
• Publish and test multiple page websites multimedia and interactive features

Delivery Modalities

Instructor Led Training - traditional classroom based training with an expert tutor and own networked environment for hands-on experience.
Online Live - Online LIVE training provides the same high-quality education, including live lectures, demonstrations and virtual labs, as a traditional classroom training, all while gaining flexibility.
Mentored Learning - Mentored learning gives you an on-demand training method where you determine when to train and for how long. Mentored learning courses can be taken at any New Horizons centre near you, or from any location with an internet connection.

Diploma in ICT Professional Competence

During this part of the apprenticeship students will be assessed whilst working in a full time IT job. Students will apply the knowledge and skills in both supervised and real working environments. Key topics covered are:

Health & Safety in ICT

Develop Effectiveness
& Professionalism 

Customer Care in ICT 
Web Development Fundamentals (MTA)
• Carry out formal Health & Safety risk
assessments in the ICT workplace
• Monitor compliance with relevant Health
& Safety procedures in the ICT workplace
• Develop own personal & professional skills
• Work as a member of a team to achieve
defined goals & plans
• Understand Ethical & Legislative
environment relating to ICT activities
• Provide customer care by establishing
customer relationships
• Investigating customer needs
• Data analysis of customer satisfaction
• Programme web applications
• Work with data and services
• Troubleshoot & debug web applications
• Work with client-side scripting
• Configure and deploy web applications
CIW JavaScript Specialist
CIW Internet Business Foundations
CIW Site Development Foundations
• Understand JavaScript principles
• Understand functional programming using JavaScript
• Understand object oriented programming using JavaScript
• Understand IT roles
• Understand web technology requirements
• Be able to manage client side requirements
• Be able to manage web based communication
• Be able to create a web page
• Understand web site enhancements
• Be able to manage the e-commerce requirements of a website


 Key Features

• Flexible delivery, in-class or online
• Free recruitment service and student screening for employers
• Qualified and high-quality trainers & assessors
• Employers and students receive an exclusive Gold Club Card for 20% off New Horizons
• Supported by the City & Guilds e-portfolio solution
• Option to upgrade to a full Microsoft MSCA*
• World-class training centres and resources
• Leading edge seminars and master-classes
• 12-14 month duration with progression to Level 4 apprenticeship programme 

Progression Opportunities

IT Professional


IT Professional


Higher Education

 Level 3
   Level 4
   Level 5

 Entry Criteria

• 5 GCSEs (C and above) or equivalent including Maths and English
• Passion for IT and Technology 
• Commitment to completion of the programme                                 
• Good and confident communication skills
• Strong work ethic 

Students that do not meet our entry requirements are eligible to apply for our Level 2 Pre-Apprenticeship programme. This exciting 15 week programme will strengthen technical and professional skills as well as raise
English and Maths levels.

Learn from the Leaders

Highbury College is Ofsted Grade 1 College, a leader in vocational training. New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company. Over our more than 30-year history, New Horizons has trained over 30 million people worldwide, and transformed thousands of businesses.

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Learn from the Leader

With 300 centres in 70 countries, New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company. Our innovative, award-winning learning methods have revolutionised the way students learn, retain and apply new knowledge. Over our more than 30-year history, New Horizons has trained over 30 million people worldwide, and transformed thousands of businesses. New Horizons is Microsoft’s largest training provider, delivering more than 40% of all authorised Microsoft training worldwide.